It’s a long overdue job for many people and usually one that’s overlooked. Who has time to hire a powerful jet washer and spend hours cleaning their green, slippery decking or driveway. We have a solution for you! 

Squeaky Clean Windows Cleaning can have that driveway cleaned in no time. Using petrol pressure washing equipment over 2000 psi to blast that dirt from your driveway into oblivion. 

Our fast and efficient service makes sure stains, mould and algae are removed first time and treated to prevent regrowth.

What Can We Clean?

  • Driveways 
  • Patios 
  • Block Paving
  • Decking 
  • Cladding 
  • Walls (brick and Masonry) 
  • Oil stained areas 
  • Garden furniture 
  • Metal surfaces (Outdoor steps, Signage, Railings)

For your free pressure washing quote, please get in touch with us.